About Us

Before SYSOTEL became a company, it was an idea in the head of our Founder Raj Sahu.
Like every great entrepreneurial venture, the foundation of SYSOTEL was laid in the mind of a person who saw opportunity where others saw normalcy, the problem where others saw revenue, and innovation where others saw routine. The hospitality industry has always needed the support of technology for a better work model. In 2014, the idea of providing hospitality establishments with technology rose from the void that arose from the incompetence of the existing hotel management solutions. What started as an initiative to rectify existing hospitality tech solutions and address the problem areas solidified into a venture to create and market new-age hospitality tech solutions.

The venture strengthened in its core when Kiran Suthar joined as the Co-owner. As the core team, the co-owners created SYSOTEL by stitching together 16 years of experience in India and abroad. Being an entrepreneurial venture launched in the pandemic era, SYSOTEL’s aim is to help a struggling hospitality industry to increase its productivity and accelerate its recovery from its lowest phases. Technology can help the hospitality industry in operating like any other advanced, high turnover industry of the world.

With more than 45 years of experience in the hospitality industry collectively and multiple case studies to support our innovative solutions, SYSOTEL’s products have garnered great reviews and feedback from inside of the industry.

As we grow and help our hospitality industry partners scale new heights of growth riding on the wings of technology, there is a realization that the journey as a successful hospitality tech solution company was faced with many stepping stones in the initial days which has led to a gradual graph of growth that is only poised for success in future.

Starting out as a start-up, we had the room to go through different phases of trial and error before consolidating as a hospitality tech company. Our initial phase of setbacks only sharpened our focus on the area of operation for SYSOTEL. With every failure that we overcame to create SYSOTEL, we learned from the setback and created a strong technology start-up that has a bright future ahead.

Today, SYSOTEL offers many hospitality tech software to large and small hospitality establishments like Augmented Reality based Hotel website builder, Simple and UI friendly RMS & Powerful hotel channel manager.